CAUTION: This condensed two-page version of our MSDS is available for your information and reference only. Although it complies with US Department of Labor Safety & Health Regulations 29 CFR 1910.1200, it is not the ANSI Z400.1-1993 format as required by the following states and Canada: 

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California Minnesota Rhode Island
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ABC ABC Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical
AFFF3% AFFF – 3% Foam Concentrate (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)
AFFF6% AFFF – 6% Foam Concentrate (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)
ANTIFRZ Loaded Stream Charge, Amerex Model 506
ARCTIC FIRE Liquid Agent used in Amerex “Race Escape” systems
CH660 CH 660 Wet Chemical Charge
COPPER Copper Powder, Copper, Navy 125S
CORINHIB Corrosion Inhibitor – Amerex Model 507
CO2 Carbon Dioxide (Carbonic Anhydride, Carbonic Acid)
FFFP Liquid Foam Concentrate (Film Forming Foam Fluoroprotein)
GASDET Gas Calibration Kit
GRAPHITE Graphite Dry Powder, G Plus, G1
HAL1211 Halon 1211 (Bromochlorodifluoromethane)
HALOTRON I Halotron I (Same as long version)
KP530 Potassium Acetate -Charge for Amerex Model 260 Extg Only
KPWETSYS Potassium Acetate -Restaurant Systems
PURPLEK Purple K Dry Chemical (Potassium Bicarbonate, KDC, PK)
REGULAR Regular Dry Chemical (Sodium Bicarbonate, SDC)
RTVADHS RTV (Reaction Triggered Vulcanization) Footstand Adhesive, Silicone Adhesive
S545 Sealant – Loctite 545
SQUIBVSS Power Device, Actuator or Ignitor
SUPERD Super D Dry Powder, Class D Powder
V728 V-728 Silicone Lubricant, Amerex #06247, VISILOX