Does my personal fire extinguisher need to be inspected every year?

Yes all fire extinguishers by BC fire code have to be inspected once annually to ensure proper working condition

How often does my dive tank need to be inspected or tested?

Your dive tank should be inspected at least once per year but is required for a hydrostatic test every five years it is recommended that you get your air changed and have a visual inspection once annually minimum.

How often should fire extinguishers be inspected?

The BC fire code mandates that extinguishers be checked as part of the monthly safety procedure this can be done by someone in your office and is often the responsibility of you a floor warden or health and safety group with some basic training this individual will know what to look for each month.

How often should fire alarm systems be inspected?

Your buildings fire alarm system should be inspected and tested on an annual basis in order to ensure that all systems are ready to deploy in an emergency. Qualified technicians should test, inspect and maintain your fire alarm to ensure efficiency. Monthly inspections shall be carried out and can be carried out by staff members and or qualified certified technicians.

How often does my welding cylinder or compressed gas cylinder need to be Hydro tested?

By transport Canada standards most all welding or compressed gas cylinders need to be Hydro tested every five years after manufacturer date.

Does my home have a sprinkler system and should be tested?

Yes if your home was built after 1995 most houses are equipped with wet sprinkler systems attached to your smoke alarms it is best that you get this inspected once annually to make sure that the flow switch is still connected to the smoke alarms and everything is in good working order.

Can all fire extinguishers be used for any type of fire?

No, fire extinguishers are rated for specific usages based on the types of hazard that are in a facility.

How often should emergency light units be inspected?

BC fire code requires that all emergency lights or light at exit signs be inspected and tested at least once a month the test must include a 30 second test of the lights an annual test is also required with the lights being operated on emergency power for the full minimum of 30 minutes this shall be done by certified qualified technicians.